Craft brewing process

Decoction, a traditional method

Unlike other beers produced by infusion, Malastrana beer is made by decoction, a traditional method that develops a more aromatic flavour and a deeper, “fuller” taste in the beer.

Traditional Czech beer means high quality. Whether you are enjoying a beer manufactured with the traditional Czech method, like the Original Pils, or savouring the special beer, produced with blossoming hop, Malastrana offers products that hold a centuries-old brewing knowledge that has evolved in the unique atmospheres of an extraordinary land of Bohemia.

The fermentation process

The fermentation process for the wort takes place in the fermenting room with open steel vats. The aim of this process is to start up fermentation of the wort by the yeast, leaving it until it raises the alcohol content to the level required by the recipe. Low fermentation yeasts are used at a temperature between 5 to 9 °C.

Primary fermentation takes between 7 to10 days. At the end of the first fermentation period, the temperature of the young beer, reduces to about 3°C. Now the beer is ready to be poured into closed tanks at a temperature between 1 to 2 °C.

Secondary fermentation is slow, and the beer clarifies, matures and becomes saturated with carbon dioxide. The maturation time requires a minimum of 30 days.

Raw ingredients


Water makes up to 90% of Malastrana beer originating from artesian wells and the clearest springs and lakes in the Czech Republic.


What gives Malastrana its characteristic golden color and full taste is the malt of original aroma. Our beer is brewed from the Czech malt. Its high quality makes this beer so unique.


Malastrana gets its bitter taste from the Saaz hops. As a matter of fact, hop is used in the manufacturing process both for its embittering capacity and robust aroma that makes it a perfect ingredient for our pils.


During production, yeast gets its nourishment from simple sugars. Beer manufacturing consists of three stages: aeration, fermentation, that determines the final taste of the product and its alcoholic content.