Malastrana Beer

Inspired by the ancient brewery of the Saint Thomas’ Augustinian monastery located in Mala Strana, the Prague’s famous district full of tradition and magnificence, the taste tells the very best of Czech beer tradition.

Supreme raw ingredients, traditional process, Malastrana embodies the centuries-old brewing knowledge.

Who we are

MALASTRANA was founded in 2005, by a young entrepreneur and his passion of for the Czech brewing tradition, during the period when the export of the Czech beer was very low.

The project appealed to a friend of his, who has been a beer distributor for a long long time. Together they started the brand MALASTRANA at the International market, sticking to the philosophy of the top quality product based on the original Czech methods of brewing respecting the local traditions.

Over the years, the company has achieved a great recognition in the Czech Republic, thanks to the quality of the beers and, last but not least, the attention to people.

Indeed, all the people involved in the Malastrana project, from the breweries to the pubs, are a part of the project and all of them can count on a constant and reliable company support.
As beer was born for every moment we share.