Our support

Our team here at Malastrana are committed to producing high quality beers, brewed with passion and love.
And is with the same dose of passion that we support our customers through a dynamic service network and a rich merchandising, hoping to obtain as final result a positive experience for whoever taste our specialities.
It has to be said, our clients satisfaction is our satisfaction!

Our services

Logistics & Delivery

Efficient logistic base and bonded warehouses for the beer and merchandising storage, administration and distribution.


Through a rich catalogue of promotional merchandise and customized solutions, we support our clients to increase the sales and become a part of our project.

International trade show

We love to share our passion for traditional Czech beer and we do this through international fairs, tastings, promo events etc.

Service & Business Support

Our clients are lucky. A team of technicians, sales representatives and beer ambassadors help our customers improve their skills.