Our beers have great allies to keep the aroma and quality


Malastrana is now available direcly from the tank. The beer goes straight from the brewery into insulated beer tank, then into the cooled tanks in pubs. A recyclable, air-tight bag is placed inside the tank in which the beer is stored. While refilling the tank, just a new plastic bag is used. At this point, the beer is pushed out of the tank into the tap by air pressure. This improvement ensures the freshest beer ever

Plus Keg

Malastrana Beer is a quality choice. As well as Shaffer Plus Keg, our new keg is covered with polyurethane. A high quality solution to protect the beer from thermal shock.

Poly Keg

With Poly Keg, the beer is tapped using the air pressure in the space between the bag and the bubble, thus avoiding any contact between the CO2 or the air and the beer inside and also, to ensure that the beer is tapped right until the last drop.